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  Indications of casting problems

Endlessly I am repeating the same question to dental casting technicians:

- Do you experience any problems with your casting?

The overwhelming majority of answers are a brief:

NO It is however not so difficult to then go on questioning:

- When cutting off the casting sprue of a simple full metal crown,

  have you sometimes found some little speckles of porosities at exactly this cutting edge?

- When so, did you need to grind at the inside of the crown to get it down on the dye?

- When down, did you find that the margins where not perfectly fitting?

The answers to these questions are invariably:

YES Other example for those of you that make partials:

- When waxing up perfectly a double arm clasp, have you experienced that after casting the

  extremities of the clasps are to tight though there is some space between clasp and tooth?

- If so, have you seen that the rest of the clasp on the tooth is standing up a bit?

Here again the answers are probably YES and YES.

These examples are indications for something wrong with your casting technique.

These ? small? problems are easy to disregard and continue on the same tracks as ever,

but they are also an indication probably there is more going wrong then you think.

Bridges are balancing, partials look like they are to large or to tight etc.

All these problems can be avoided by simply using the right techniques and

the right products that allow you to use these right techniques.

We want to take you through all the details step by step and lead you to the perfect casting.

Just visit our site regularly for tips and tricks as they will appear.


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