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  Quickcheck - Indicator Spray
    Allways accurate and precise till the last puff  
    Quickcheck Indicator Spray allows technicians and doctors to accurately pin-point unwanted contact points and high spots on all dental restaurations. Whether seating a crown or partial framework, orlocating occlusal contacts let Quickcheck help to achieve the perfect fit, every time.

Seat cast or pressed restorations.
Marks any restorative surface. Including all alloys and pressable ceramics.

1. Apply a light film of Quickcheck.
2. Seat restauration and remove Contact points are clearly indicated.
3. Reduce unwanted contact points and repeat as needed until perfect fit is achieved.

Quickcheck works well on any tooth or restored surface whether wet or dry. The quick, instantaneous fingertip application dispenses a colored powder that sticks to all metals, porcelain and arcryl. The included applicator tip allows the spray to be dispensed in a measured and accurate form. Once dispensed the powder dries instantly allowing a fast check of the restoration. Removal of the spray is easily completed with water and a brush or a laboratory steamer.

Seat cast partial frameworks
Assures pinpoint location of high spots or binding areas.

1. Apply a light film of Quickcheck to framework.
2. Seat framework and remove to reveal contact points.
3. Reduce unwanted contact points and repeat as needed until perfect fit is achieved.

Quickcheck has been developed with stringent guidelines and is made up of a proprietary formula. It has been developed to be free of clogging and allow for a continuous smooth spray pattern. By reducing costly remakes Quickcheck is one of the biggest time, labor and money savers in the industry. The benefits of Quickcheck will be shown with a visible difference in your bottom line.

Locate contacts on occlusal surfaces

Differentiates between high, medium and low occlusal contact points.

1. Apply light film of Quickcheck to occclusal surface.
2. Gently close bite without any lateral movement.
Once bite is opened all contact points will be revealed with extreme accuracy.
3. Excellent way to indicate premature contacts on inclines allowing models to come together in full intercuspation.
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